4D Web 2.0 Pack 1.1 improved image and search management

4D Ajax Framework version 1.1 includes additional new features, performance improvements, and numerous benefits, especially in search and image management. It contains two new array objects that integrate data and graphs more intuitively, as well as new tools to aid in question answering, search filtering, and data tracking. It also incorporates compression technology that enables applications to perform up to 10 times higher than with the initial version of 4D Ajax Framework.

“The new version 1.1 of 4D Web 2.0 Pack brings powerful new features that allow you to enhance Web and client applications with a wide range of dynamic interfaces,” says Jean-Michel Biraghi, CEO of 4D Hispano.

On the other hand, 4D Live Window version 1.1 includes new callback functions to drive dynamic forms and increase Javascript support.


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