A flash memory-based Apple ultraportable for January?

A flash memory-based Apple ultraportable for January?

If these rumors were confirmed, Apple would have a new laptop in its range of equipment that would come to cover one of the categories in which it does not yet have a presence, that is, ultraportables. It would be a flash memory-based system and would have a price of around $ 1,500.

The rumor that Apple is carrying out this team has already been swarming for several months, but it takes more force after the US chain CNBC added more data and which is echoed by appleinsider. In the data, notes were made that they had the information that had come to them from the technological partners in which Apple is leaning for the development of this possible system.

At the same time it was indicated that the new ultralight notebook would use a 12-inch screen and half as thick as current notebooks. It was also stated that the manufacture of these has already begun and that it is very likely that it will be presented during the next Macworld Expo that will be held in San Francisco in January.

This same CNBC report also indicates that Apple could present a new iPhone with 3G capabilities by June of next year.