A free software initiative asks Jobs to remove DRM

The petition filed by DefectiveByDesign, part of the Free Software Foundation, suggests that as Apple is the largest provider of DRM-enabled music, it should take responsibility for the situation.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs clearly expressed his thoughts on DRM in an open letter posted on Apple’s website. In this letter, he stated that his company would be happy to remove the limitations imposed by the use of DRM protection in the iTunes Store, as long as the record companies allowed it.

DefectiveByDesign responds to Jobs’ letter suggesting that he remove FairPlay from songs by independent artists, for sale on iTunes, and DRM from Disney movies. (Jobs is one of Disney’s main shareholders, since it will buy Pixar.)

The petition has collected more than 1,000 signatures after the first five hours in which the website to join the proposal was made public.

Web: www.defectivebydesign.org/actions/open_letter/steve_jobs.