A rival Blackberry to the iPhone?

A rival Blackberry to the iPhone?

The Blackberry 9000 series would be more aimed at the consumer world, in which the Pearl model has been very successful since its launch last year. It should be remembered that this model represented an important change in the line maintained, until now, by RIM.

It is assumed that this 9000 line will be a touch screen and with a format very similar to the iPhone. According to analyst Carmi Levy from the firm ARCommunications, this equipment will appear in the first quarter of 2008 and will have both 3G connectivity and multimedia capabilities.

Although RIM has not wanted to comment on the matter in public, the truth is that these rumors are increasingly sounding with more insistence and they see in this new series a 9000 an extension of the Pearl line whose main challenge is to capture part of the interest that is arousing the Iphone.

Levy believes that the future of the Blackberry passes through this type of design, although the truth is that this does not seem very likely considering that one of the things that executives like these devices most is their full QWERTY keyboard.