Adobe Lightroom comes to the Mac App Store

Adobe Lightroom comes to the Mac App Store

The professional-focused photo editing tool Lightroom is now available on the Mac App Store, marking the first major Adobe application available through the revamped version of the platform. The title joins the lighter Photoshop Elements, but is the only professional application currently available through the venue.

Unlike Element’s $ 70 monthly startup charges, Lightroom embraces the company’s shift in recent years to a subscription-based model, resulting in users receiving $ 10 per month for continuous access. Apple is clearly excited about the arrival, with Lightroom currently at the top of the App Store home page.

The company has been pushing developers to make its products available through its channels and is moving towards a more content-centric approach. Of course, the desktop store has been a tougher push than its mobile version, given that macOS predates its walled garden by decades in one way or another. Among other methods, Project Catalyst makes it much easier for developers to build applications on all platforms.

Lightroom joins other recent additions to the Mac app store, including Microsoft’s Office 365, which uses a similar subscription approach to monetization.