Adobe Premiere Pro, Mac First

Adobe is not just releasing Premiere Pro for the Mac platform with the future release of Production Studio, scheduled for the end of the year. The new suite of Adobe’s real-time video editing solution will be available for the Mac platform before it makes its appearance for PCs.

As confirmed by Giles Baker, Product Manager for Premiere Pro at Adobe, “it will be a new version.” “The Mac will be the platform on which the next version of Premiere Pro will be released; the Windows product will be released later.” Both versions will offer the same set of features. “The intention is for there to be parity between the Macintosh and Windows versions whenever possible.”

The delay in the availability of the application for the Windows platform is a result of the release of Vista. Other manufacturers are also experiencing the same kinds of delays.

Timing is everything

It’s not just the growing interest in video that has led Adobe to make the decision to launch Production Studio for Mac. As Baker confirmed, “Apple’s decision to use Intel processors in the Mac has been somewhat which has helped us in our development. I don’t think it was something that by itself made us change our mind, although it did make it easier. We also have a lot of experience with Intel processors. “

Baker added, “The speed increase that you get with an Intel processor in an Intel-based Mac is amazing. We are really surprised with the performance offered by the new Intel processor, it is really fantastic.”