Adobe publishes a widget for color selection

Adobe has released a color selection tool that uses Kuler technology developed in Adobe Labs.

The free dashboard widget, based on Adobe technology, allows users to create harmonious color schemes based on formulas on a predefined color. Users can mix their own schemes by using an interactive color wheel.

The Widget is responsible for communicating with an application hosted on the Adobe website and developed to complement Adobe CS 2. The technology uses Flash and ActionScript to allow users to find, create, and share color schemes.

The Widget displays the most recently created color schemes on the Kuler website, as well as allowing users to search by specific tags such as summer or winter.

The director of the community of the Kuler program, Sami Iwata, indicates that the widget “displays RSS entries of color schemes for Kuler, allowing you to view the best rated schemes, the most popular or to perform searches to locate a specific scheme, by title, tag or author ID. “

The software also allows designers to copy the values ​​of the different colors to the Clipboard so that they can use them in their own designs.

The widget is available for download (200 KB) from here.