Adobe to offer Flex to the open source community

The next version of the standards-based language and programming model, originally scheduled for release by the end of the year, will be available under the Mozilla Public License (MPL), currently used by the Mozilla Foundation and Sun Microsystems for its Open operating system. Solaris. Flex is supported by various operating systems, including Mac OS X.

MPL requires that changes made to the code remain under the MPL license, and that those who have made such changes cannot freely distribute the modified code.

The open source movement has been motivated by the increasing use of Flex tools in creating sophisticated Internet applications, according to Phil Costa (product manager for Flex). According to his statements, “[Flex] has reached a critical mass of people developing on the technology and of partners expanding that technology, that the move to an open source project means growing the community and getting developers more involved in expanding Flex. [la licencia MPL] it offers the balance between being faithful to the spirit of open source … but also friendly to the needs of commercial companies such as our case ”.

Adobe will launch a website throughout the month of June where daily versions of the next version of the Flex SDK will be published. The site will also include a public database so that users can enter bug reports and enhancement requests.

The Flex SDK and other related products will continue to be available under commercial licenses.