Aion Network Introduces First Blockchain Virtual Machine for Developers of …

Aion Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating tools to promote blockchain technologies, today announced a new virtual machine that is based on the popular Java Virtual Machine. Their ultimate goal is to increase the popularity of blockchain with developers.

Aion CEO Matthew Spoke says that one of the barriers to more widespread blockchain adoption has been the lack of tools for developers in a common language like Java. The company believed that if they could build a virtual machine specifically for blockchain on top of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which has been in use for years, it could help promote more extensive use of blockchain.

Today, the Aion Virtual Machine (AVM) is announced, a virtual machine that sits on top of the JVM. AVM makes it possible for developers to use its familiar toolset while building the blockchain bits as smart contracts in the AVM without having to alter the JVM at all.

“We didn’t want to modify the JVM. We wanted to create some kind of complementary software layer that can interface with the JVM. Blockchains have a unique set of criteria. They need to be deterministic; computing must occur on the distributed network of nodes; and the JVM was never designed with this in mind, ”Spoke explained.

Aion set out to build a virtual machine for blockchain without reinventing the wheel. He acknowledged that Java is still one of the most popular programming languages, and he didn’t want to mess with that. In fact, I wanted to capitalize on the popularity by building a type of blockchain interpreter that would sit on top of the JVM without interfering with the process.

“Instead of trying to convince people of the merits of a new system, can we just get the system they are already familiar with at the top of the blockchain? So we started engineering towards that solution. And we’ve been working on that for about a year now, right up to the time of our launch this week to show that we can solve that problem, “Spoke told TechCrunch.

Up to this point, Aion has been focusing on the crypto community, but the company felt that it was really pushing the blockchain beyond the realm of true believers, it had to find a way for developers who weren’t immersed in this. take advantage of it.

“Our big focus now is how we take this message of building blockchain applications and bring it to a more traditional audience in the software industry.” Rather than trying to compete for the attention of crypto developers, we want the blockchain to become almost a micro-services layer to what normal software developers are solving day by day, “he said.

The company hopes that by providing this way of accessing blockchain services, it can help popularize blockchain concepts with developers who might not otherwise be familiar with them. It’s just an attempt to bring blockchain to more business-oriented use cases, but the company has given this a lot of thought and believes it will help them evangelize this approach with a broader audience of moving forward developers.