Alcatel Accelerate Alcatel Pop C5, improve its performanceIn the market we find mobiles of all kinds, for all …

In the market we find mobiles of all kinds, for all tastes and for all budgets. But no matter how much technology advances, when the phone has been around for a while we notice that it doesn’t work as well as it did at the beginning and that it is slower than it should. This is a common problem in many mobiles, but in this case we are going to focus on how to speed up Alcatel Pop C5 to improve its performance and improve our experience as users of this device.

The Pop C5 is not exactly one of the best mobiles on the market, it is frequent that its RAM memory runs short and this causes errors that result in closing applications. This is precisely why you have to try to keep your phone as optimized as possible.

Speed ​​Alcatel Pop C5

Clean Master to speed up Alcatel Pop C5

Mobile phones accumulate a large amount of information and files. It is common that even if we delete applications, residual files that take up space and over time cause device performance to decrease.

The solution can be an application to optimize the mobile. In this case our recommendation is Clean Master (Optimizer).

This app can be download free on the Google Play Store and it helps us make our phone as optimized as possible. What Clean Master does is identify those apps that are causing the most problems, causing the device to slow down. It also optimizes games and applications by freeing up RAM, so the Pop C5 runs faster.

It is an intuitive and very simple to use application with which we can obtain easily visible results.

The app also has the option to clear the cache, but if we prefer we can clear cache on Android on our own, if you need to have any application.

Speed ​​Alcatel Pop C5

Other ways to speed up Alcatel Pop C5

The use of applications to optimize the mobile such as Clean Master usually gives very good results, but if despite having used it your mobile still does not improve, there are other tricks that you can take into account to improve its responsiveness.

You can ask yourself root the mobile to have SuperUser access, in this way you can delete applications that are installed on the mobile by the manufacturer and free up space. You can too send applications to microSD as a way to gain more free space on your device and make the most routine tasks cost less work for your mobile.

If you still do not get the desired results or if your mobile phone is not only slow but starts to show other types of errors, you can ask yourself format the phone. Keep in mind that if you choose to restore the factory settings of the Alcatel Pop C5 you will erase all the data and files on the phone, so before carrying out this action make sure that you make a backup copy of all the phone content so you don’t lose anything important. Once you have carried out the formatting, the recovery of lost files and data will be impossible.