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Although it is true that when we think about the main smartphone companies around the world right now, many options come to mind before Alcatel, we cannot help but consider in any case that this firm still has some good devices . Specifically, the Alcatel One Touch is one of the best sellers for this company, so today we wanted to talk about a tutorial that we consider essential when it comes to fully exploiting your options.

The first thing we have to mention about the Alcatel One Touch is that it is not only one of the main smartphones of this company, but it also has an Android operating system, the most used in the world, which offers us many solutions in terms of daily use. In this specific article, we will try to provide solutions to all those who have been asking us about the possibility of installing Microsoft Word for the Alcatel One Touch, something that you should be able to do without problems.

The truth is that although the Alcatel One Touch has very good factory-installed applications, we have to say that usually mobile devices with Android operating system do not have an office suite, and in this sense, Microsoft’s Office package is the most complete that we can enjoy on our smartphones. In any case, it should be noted that it is possible to install this system in Alcatel One Touch terminals, although you have to follow certain indications that we are going to offer you below.

Office for Alcatel mobile

Well, you have to consider before proceeding with this step by step, that although there are different applications that refer to this office suite within the Google Play Store, in particular one of them is the only one that works in the case of the Alcatel One Touch. Indeed, for Android versions lower than Android 5.0 Lollipop, as in the case of the Alcatel One Touch, we have to install the application called “Microsoft Office Mobile”, which you can easily find through this link.

The Microsoft Office application for the Alcatel One Touch can also be found without problems within the Google Play application store, so that you can access it in just a few moments, and all you have to do is search for it using the integrated search engine. This store. You will see that before proceeding with the installation, by whatever means you try to reach it, it will tell you what the permissions it needs, so we are going to detail some other elements to take into account in this regard.

For example, Microsoft Office Mobile uses 27MB of space on your device at installation time, which is next to nothing, although you will have to make sure you have that space available at installation time. Then you click OK to download and install it, which should take just seconds. Remember, anyway, that you always have to be connected to WiFi so that the download is done quickly and without consuming too many resources. When it ends, The Office icon will appear in your application drawer and from there you can open this office suite, the best in the world in its segment.

Well, if you have already been able to install Microsoft Word for Alcatel One Touch, the next step then has to do with starting to use the different tools that are part of the suite, among which are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint, for example. Beyond that, you have to know that if you are interested only in the first of these options, you can download Microsoft Word simply by clicking on this link, so that you take up less space and RAM memory on your smartphone.

Have you been able to download Microsoft Word for Alcatel One Touch with this step by step?