Alcatel Enter recovery mode in an Alcatel Sometimes phones give us problems that we can not solve …

Sometimes telephones give us problems that we cannot solve from their normal operating mode. If you have seen yourself in need of enter recovery mode on an Alcatel, we are going to explain how to do it.

What is the recovery mode?

It is a partition or lightweight environment that runs separately and simultaneously in parallel to the Android operating system principal.

The recovery mode has its own kernel, so it can be accessed even if the system has been damaged. This implies that as long as the recovery partition remains intact, we have a useful tool from which we can try to fix the mobile.

The recovery mode is completely independent from the rest of Android and that gives it special characteristics, making it very useful to do a hard reset, clear the cache, etc.

This mode allows us to apply software updates over the air (OTA), it allows us to erase data and run external tools from the microSD memory.

The recovery can also be customized, installing a different one than the one included in the factory device. Custom recovery modes support more options like the ability to erase partitions individually, re-partition the device or microSD card, etc.

Enter recovery mode on an Alcatel

How to enter recovery mode on an Alcatel

To begin with, it is recommended that we first fully charge the Alcatel One Touch battery. Then simultaneously press the volume buttons up and down and the Power button.

After holding them for a few seconds, the recovery mode will appear and within it several options through which we can move using the volume up and down buttons. If we want to choose one of the options, we place ourselves on it with the volume buttons and press the Power button.

Recovery mode options

As we have just mentioned, within the recovery mode we find various options.

  • Reebot system now: this function reboots the device
  • Apply update from sdcard: what this function does is install all the available updates for the applications that we have installed on the mobile
  • Wipe Data / Factory Reset: does a hard reset of the phone, that is, it returns it to factory parameters
  • Wipe Cache Partition– Clear cache generally
  • Install Zip from sdcard– install files directly from the SD card
  • Backup and restore– Backs up the entire device and then restores it to factory settings

Enter recovery mode on an Alcatel

Accessing the recovery mode and using it is actually very simple. Of course, as always, we advise you to make a backup copy of all the data and files on it before doing a hard reset of the phone. Once the phone has been formatted, it will no longer be possible to recover the files it had.

The tutorial that we have left you is for Alcatel mobiles, but in the rest of the devices the system works exactly the same, the only thing that can vary a little is the combination of keys to access the recovery mode.

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