Alcatel Take a screenshot on Alcatel One Touch Pixi In the market there is a wide variety of smartphones for everyone …

In the market there are a wide variety of smartphones for all tastes and according to all budgets. High-end phones have functions that cheaper terminals do not enjoy, but there are functions that we can find in all phones, regardless of their price or the range to which they belong, as is the case with screenshots. The system for taking a photo of the mobile screen varies depending on the device in question, but this time we are going to focus on how make screenshot in Alcatel One Touch Pixi.


Two ways to take screenshot on Alcatel One Touch Pixi

Most phones have a system to take screenshots through the physical buttons, in the case of the Alcatel One Touch Pixi, this phone has two different options for taking screenshots.

The first option consists of press the power button and then the start button. Another way to do it is press the power button and the volume down key at the same time.

In either of the two cases, if we have done it correctly, we will hear the sound of the camera shutter.

The photo taken will be stored in the Pictures folder of the phone’s Gallery. If you want to know how to hide photos in the Android Gallery, you can continue reading here.

Take screenshot with an application

In the Google Play Store we can find a wide variety of applications that help us to take screenshots. These types of applications can be useful if for any reason we cannot take a screenshot through the buttons of the device, but they are also useful when modifying and editing certain aspects of the photo taken.

Although there are many alternative applications to take screenshots, this time we are going to recommend you Easy Screen Capture, it can download for free on the Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.


For the application to work well on our mobile we need to have the Android version 3.0 or higher and 1.4 MB of free space on the device.

With this application we can take screenshots in the traditional way, pressing simultaneously on the power key and the volume reduction key, but it also allows us take screenshots with a single tap on the screen, which facilitates the work of taking screenshots.

Another added benefit is that does not automatically save the image to the default locationor, but we can specify the folder in which we want to save the screenshot. To this we must add that we are shown a preview of the capture so that we can decide if we want to save it or if we are going to discard it to take another screenshot.

It is true that for capture of screen In Alcatel One Touch Pixi or any other mobile phone in principle we do not need to have any specific application, but applications of this type allow us to make our screenshots much more personalized, having more control over them.