All about using Windows and other systems on your Mac at Macworld February 2007

All about using Windows and other systems on your Mac at Macworld February 2007

InDesign, Quark and Photoshop tutorials, Xserve Xeon tests …

Macworld issue 166 also offers you several practical articles dedicated to InDesign and the new Quark Interactive Designer, as well as the best options for making complex selections and masks in Photoshop and with the help of third-party modules.

And also 52 extra pages in a special “design”

Along with the February issue you will also find the Macworld special Graphispag 2007. 52 pages with the best content for designers: the best Macs and peripherals for design and image, everything about Acrobat 8, what you should know about the JDF and PDF, interviews, news and everything about the Graphispag fair that takes place in Barcelona 19 to 25 of this month.

Also in digital format!

As usual, the edition in Zinio format is also available, which includes the same contents, with all the links so that you do not have to type them in your browser, it allows you to carry out searches, include annotations, underline paragraphs or print the pages that you’re watching. Look for it now at

Contents Macworld 166, February 2007

The Mac with a thousand faces

By Javier RodrĂ­guez

The Mac is the computer that has the most possibilities to use different operating systems. We take an in-depth look at the top solutions that allow you to run Windows and Linux hardware and software on your Intel processor-based Mac: Boot Camp, CrossOver, Parallels, and VMWare.

Everything new in Adobe Photoshop CS3 (beta)

By Pablo Blasberg

We review the main news, performance and features of the Photoshop CS3 public beta, the first to work natively on Intel Macs.

Get organized effectively

By Fernando GarcĂ­a

Techniques that will allow you to organize your work and tasks, as well as the best software that you can use to carry it out with the help of the Mac.

Extensions for InDesign CS2

By Javier PĂ©rez

The indispensable guide to modules (plug-in) for enhancing InDesign features and productivity.

Save time with InDesign

By Pedro Arconada

The best tips and tricks to improve productivity with the design and layout application.

Flash Interactives with Quark Interactive Designer

By Javier RodrĂ­guez

Design your first interactive while learning how to use the events and some features of the Quark Interactive Designer extension for XPress.

Professional masks in Photoshop

By Ramón González

We look at the included tools and major third-party options for creating complex masks and selections in Photoshop.

First contact

Apple Xserve Xeon

High performance server

HP Photosmart Pro B9180

Professional photo printer

Matrox DualHead2Go

Video interface

Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity

USB DTT receiver

Hercules DJ Console MK2

USB mixer for DJs

Sony DRX-830UL-T

Multi-format DVD recorder with 18x DVD + -R recording

REALbasic 2007r1

Development environment

EIZO FlexScan S2000

20 inch monitor

Roxio Toast 8

Data Recording

Nike + iPod

Training accessory for iPod

Art Text

Graphic design

Graphispag special, contents:

JDF and PDF, the “digital roadmap”

By Javier PĂ©rez

Everything you need to know about JDF-based prepress workflows, their integration with PDF flows, advantages and disadvantages, their current state, and a practical application case based on the use of the Job Jackets feature of QuarkXPress.

Acrobat 8 ​​Professional: the simple and secure exchange

By Pedro Arconada

We present you the news of the latest version of the de facto standard in the industry, with special emphasis on those that affect prepress tasks.

The designer’s weapons: the best hardware for design

By Javier Rodríguez and Ramón González

We guide you between the best options you can choose to create your design studio: and computer, printer and graphic tablet that will increase your productivity without emptying your pocket.

From photo labs to printing services

By José Carlos Daganzo

The convergence of traditional photography and printing markets are clear. We show you the services and equipment that facilitate the provision of a new range of options to both photographic laboratories and printers.


Miquel Heredia

President of the organizing committee of Graphispag

Miquel Bada

Head of Marketing at Adobe Ibérica

Jurgen Kurz

Quark Senior Vice President of Desktop Products

Cristiano Siqueira (CrisVector)

The “magician” vector illustration

Marcelo akierman

Marketing manager for Spain and Portugal at HP Indigo

Martin Rollán

Marketing manager of Compolásica

And also…

News about the fair, exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Graphispag people:

Francesc Escuder

Technical Director of Pressing

Joan Tarafa

Micromanagement Manager

Xavier Olivé

Manager of CentregrĂ fic SCCL

Alfons Piquer

Commercial Director of MacInformĂ tica

Pedro Porras

Beta System Manager

Vicenç Rami

CTA Serveis Manager