Amazon Prime Video in India is 73% cheaper than …

A recent report by consumer technology review firm Comparitech found that Amazon Prime Video is more affordable in India compared to anywhere else in the world. The report also examined the value of the service in terms of the number of videos available on the platform in each country. India once again topped this list.

However, when the platform’s monthly subscription cost is compared, it is the cheapest in India, at $ 1.76 (Rs 129). The subscription is the most expensive in the United States, where Amazon Prime Video costs $ 12.99, which is roughly Rs 1,000 when translated by the current rupee rate.

Credit: Comparitech

Credit: Comparitech

That said, the report also notes that, “While you can get cheaper subscriptions in places like India and Japan, it will also have a much smaller library size.” By comparison, India has a catalog of about 2,000 movies, while the United States has more than 18,000 titles available. With only 700 titles, Singapore has the smallest library, but the subscription is still $ 6.54 per month.

It should be noted that while Amazon charges per year what Netflix charges per month, Amazon is currently in the process of establishing itself in India. Prices are expected to rise over time.

The more pertinent question, however, is whether we should be glad that our zombie addiction to streaming services is so cheap.