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Online commerce or e-commerce has had a great growth in the last decade, thanks in large part to the appearance of stores that offer great security to buyers, such as Amazon. This time we are going to see how sign up on Amazon to make purchases online with the greatest possible security.

The rise of online shopping

A little over a decade ago, very few dared to make their purchases over the Internet. The fear of paying and not receiving what had been ordered or how difficult it was to make a return were the main reasons for not trusting this form of trade.

However, stores soon began to appear that offered their customers great security and paid special attention to solving those issues that most scared consumers when it came to shopping online. This, together with the appearance of secure payment platforms such as PayPal, resulted in consumers gradually being encouraged to make their purchases online.

Nowadays, electronic commerce is so well regulated and there are so many quality companies dedicated to it, that this way of buying has already become commonplace.

The great advantage of shopping online is that we can compare prices without having to leave home and we can also purchase and receive products at our home that we otherwise would not have been able to acquire in our environment.

Sign in to Amazon

Sign in to Amazon

Amazon is one of the best known and highest quality online stores. Its catalog is so wide that it includes practically everything: games, books, clothing, electronics…

In order to make a purchase, you must first register with Amazon, but it is a very simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

The first thing to do is enter the Amazon website. In the upper right part of the screen we will see the option “My account”. If we click on it, a window with several options will be displayed, among them “Are you a new customer? Start here”.

To create the account you have to fill in a simple form indicating name, email, password and password confirmation. Then click on “Create your account on Amazon.”

Sign in to Amazon

With these simple steps we are already registered with Amazon. Now, if we want to make a purchase, all we have to do is visit the department that interests us (computers, beauty, cinema, books, digital music, etc.) or use the search engine directly to locate the product we want.

When we locate the product we were looking for, we add it to the shopping cart and when we have finished we go to the basket area to complete the order. Here we will have to enter the address and shipping method and payment information.

Once the purchase process is completed, we will receive an email confirming the purchase and its status.

Amazon also saves our data, in order to make our future purchases even easier and faster.

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