American-Israeli startup Duality raises $ 4 million for its platform …

Duality, the American Israeli cybersecurity startup, has raised $ 4 million for its encrypted data collaboration platform. The round is led by Team8, a group of business building and cybersecurity experts founded by some of the former leaders of the Israel Defense Forces’ intelligence and technology unit.

The core of Duality’s product offering is a technology that allows you to open your data to a third party for analysis without having to open any data. The startup claims that data on its SecurePlus platform always remains encrypted, eliminating most privacy and security challenges.

The first use case Duality looks at is genomic analysis. Genomic data is highly sensitive but also extremely valuable for medical research, which means that safeguarding it for analysis creates many opportunities for researchers. Fintech, automotive, and retail are also among the industries that could benefit from the technology.

“… Duality now enables large data aggregators, such as large technology companies, healthcare providers, financial institutions and others, to engage in secure collaboration with big data, while protecting the privacy of their customers and users.” Duality CEO Alon Kaufman said.

Image credit: rawpixel on Unsplash.