Analysts: the iPhone is not a smartphone

Analysts: the iPhone is not a smartphone

According to Solis, “It seems foreseeable that said device is closed to third-party applications. Therefore, if it were, we should conclude that based on our current definition, the iPhone is not a smartphone, but a phone with very high-quality features. high”.

These types of phones are closed to developers, according to ABI Research, with features that are controlled by the dial-up provider or the device manufacturer. While such phones may support third-party applications, in the form of Java or Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), Solis notes that such applications “are relatively small and limited.”

According to Solis, “applications designed for smartphones can be written to access the core functions of the OS itself, and are therefore more powerful and efficient. Competition in an open environment also has an impact on richer and more modern applications.”

Carlaw suggests that without prior experience in the mobile phone market, Apple will have to face a tough battle and be able to offer a technically up-to-date product.

According to Carlaw, “Consumers will not be willing to use a second-rate mobile phone just to have higher quality music.”