Android 4G can be used in 3G Android mobile phones 4G is the “new” technology with which we can have …

Android 4G can be used in 3G Android mobile phones 4G is the “new” technology with which we can have …

4G is the “new” technology with which we can have access to the internet in a very fast, agile and above all economical way, because its prices are not too different from those of a lifetime 3G, in reality they are even the same. Obviously, it must be borne in mind that not all mobiles are compatible with 4G LTE, but some can only have 3G and nothing more than that, but whatWe can have 4G with a mobile that is only 3G? In this article we are going to go into details.

Use 4G LTE on a 3G Android mobile

You will need first of all to know what kind of chipset your mobile phone uses, for this we recommend the CPU-Z application, which gives us a large amount of information, the most important is where it says Model, it can be Mediatek, Qualcomm Snapdragon , etc. The app is downloaded from right here.

If you have Mediatek you have to download MTK Engineering Mode, from right here. Once downloaded, what we are going to do is open this application and we are going to select the MTK configuration. What you should do after this is open the networks, what you are going to select is the one that says 4G LTE – WCDMA – GSM, which would basically be like having the network in automatic.

Remember you have to have one 4G SIM on the mobile phone for this to work.

Use 4G LTE Qualcomm on 3G Android phone

In case of having Qualcomm, what we will do is download Shortcut Master from right here.

We open this app and then we go to the Service Menu, after this you have to select where it says “System Application / System App” and there it changes to LTE, which would be 4G.

For root users

They can prove who they are root from using Xorware Interface Pro which can be downloaded from here. In case you are not root but you want to be, we recommend you look for the model of your mobile from the search engine above in the blog and follow the tutorial.

Once this app is downloaded, what you are going to have to do is select the network mode obviously and there choose 4G LTE. You have to save everything and then restart the mobile.

Again you must have a 4G SIM for this to work, otherwise it will be impossible for you to have 4G on the device in question.