Android Activate Fast Charge in Android 7.0One of the great problems that the …

Android Activate Fast Charge in Android 7.0One of the great problems that the …

One of the big problems that Android mobile devices have always had was the battery issue. We made a lot of progress in other aspects, be it in power with processors, RAM, chipset, in addition to storage space and the quality of the cameras. But when it comes to battery we are still very green, missing those days where old cell phones could last for days and days. without charging battery, but of course at that time we did not have all the functions that we have now nor the screens that the new devices bring.

This is solved a little with the famous fast charging of Android phones and is that imagine that the charge of your mobile does not last at all and on top of that it takes several hours to return to have 100% charge, a madness that many of us have lived daily.

Having your mobile fully charged in less than an hour is simply great and fast charging helps us achieve it.How we activate it? We count below.

How to activate fast charging in Android 7.0

First of all, we have to be sure that the charging adapter has a lightning symbol and says “Adaptive Fast ChargingIf it says so then it is suitable for fast charging.

After this we have to go to Settings> Device maintenance> Battery. We are going to see at the bottom a few options, the one we need is the one on the left, the one that says “battery”.

We click on it and then click on the three points in the upper right part of the screen to enter the settings.

Among all the options we have, one is “Fast wired charging”You must press on it to enable it if it is not. In this way, it will charge your mobile phone much faster than it used to.

Of course, it is possible that the same grip is more temperature when we use fast charging, therefore, I recommend first of all that you do not be alarmed that it is normal and second that you do not use it too much during the charge in question so as not to overheat it.

In addition, if you deactivate everything when you charge the mobile, that is, you leave it for example in airplane mode and do not use it, it will charge even much faster, it will even reach 100% in less than an hour whatever mobile it is.