Android applications An excellent alternative to watch football online is with RojaDirecta free for AndroidIf you are crazy about football, who likes to enjoy …

If you are crazy about football, who likes to enjoy a good game for free from any device, you have to download this application. The truth is there are several ways to watch the matches of your favorite team online and for free, but it may happen that at some point they stop working and that is when you have to look for an alternative.


Among the applications that you can download for Android devices, Roja directo for free is one of the best. Now that the league is with more reason, you cannot deny it an opportunity, just imagine that they are all attentive to the games and those who cannot see it through a paid channel take advantage of the app, in addition to this you can see them anywhere.

I’m not saying that it happened, but suppose that the transmission is saturated and you don’t see the game, wouldn’t it be better to have another application installed? Roja Directa is the best alternative to watch matches online.

What is RojaDirecta about

This is an application that links via streaming to the main sports broadcasts on the Internet. With it you will be able to find football matches, whether they are the most important or the unknown encounters that take place anywhere in the world. Although the best thing is you can not only watch football but also all the sports that you like the most, all you have to do is download free direct red and that’s it.


How to download RojaDirecta for Android

Thanks to RojaDirecta it is possible to watch football for free, this application you will be able to find in the Play Store and in order to download it you have to meet a requirement and that is to have Android version 2.3 or higher. If you meet the requirements then just follow these steps:

  • The first thing you have to do is follow the following link to the Google Play store.
  • Then you go to look for the Install button and press it.
  • When you do, a small window will appear that will show you the information that the app has to access, just press accept.
  • Finally what you have to do is wait for the download and installation to finish and so you can enjoy free direct red.

Other alternative applications to Roja Directa

RojaDirecta is not the only application with which you can watch football online for free, there are several more that have very good grades. For example one of them is Free Direct, which is an app that is compatible with Android emulators for PC. Another that you can take into account is Football Live, which is one of the best for soccer fans. There are many others but these are the best known and chosen by people, as you can see by looking at free football from your mobile device is a great option.