Android applications The best Android applications for the DGT Test To all, or at least the vast majority of us,…

All, or at least the vast majority of us, like to drive, it is more than clear. The problem is that to have the card, we must overcome a series of obstacles that show that we are prepared for it. Of course, the test of driving the car itself, but also the theoretical exam that several people have caused more than a headache for not being able to overcome it.

In any case, we know that in other times the only way to pass that theoretical exam was to sit for hours and hours to read about it, because otherwise the DGT Test was going to become a problem without a solution. Now, luckily times have changed, and we can perform the DGT Test Android directly from our mobile, in a much faster and easier way than usual.

Indeed, there are many DGT Test applications, and that is why we have taken the trouble to review them, and thus be able to develop a list of which ones we believe are the best at our disposal. In this sense, we have managed to highlight four DGT Test apps, so if you are interested in having one of them on your phone, we recommend that you continue reading carefully.


Best DGT Test Apps

Todotest (download)

Probably if we talk about the best applications to be able to pass the theoretical exam before getting the driving license, we will have to mention Todotest, and it is that few others have so many challenges for us to solve. It has 60 official DGT tests, with the same questions that you will find in the real exams, and once the answers have been corrected, it explains what we should have answered.

DGT test (download)

If the previous application has not finished convincing you, we are sure that then the second one, DGT test, Yes, he will do it. About this we must emphasize that it simulates the exact conditions of the theoretical exam, since it gives us just half an hour to solve the questions, recording each of our answers, and offering detailed statistics about what type of questions we fail.

Traffic signs (download)

If with the two previous applications you have come to the conclusion that you tend to fail especially in the signs of the posters that are the least common, we also have the solution for it. What we can recommend is an application like Traffic signals, a perfect system to memorize the meaning of all traffic signs, organized by category to make it easier to find them.

Triviauto (download)

And we end with Triviauto, the last of the DGT Test applications that we can recommend. one that differs from the others because it basically proposes that we start a competition to show that we know about the theoretical exam. If you like the free version, you can always buy the paid version that adds many other content, and that we in particular recommend.