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Do you have an Android device and would like to be able to watch TV and your favorite shows specifically on it without having to pay? You should know then that fortunately we have several more than interesting applications and programs that allow us to have the chance to fully enjoy our beloved programs, although for this it is better to review them in detail, so we know which one is more suited to our possibilities and desires.

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TV Watch – Live TV & Movies

Probably for many it will be the most famous application in the world when it comes to watching classic television content on an Android device, and thanks to “TV Watch – Live TV & Movies” we can access most of the channels of the world, without having to pay a single euro, and with the advantage that everything is ordered according to country or gender, and that we can see the contents both connected to WiFi and to 3G or 4G LTE.

In turn, one of the great advantages of TV Watch – Live TV & Movies over the competition has to do directly with the fact that it not only offers us access to the main television channels, but also has radio stations available, both from Spain as from the rest of the world, so it is sensational for example to learn new languages, being at the same time compatible with devices that use Android 2.2 or higher.

Mobile tv

That the simplicity of its name, Mobile TV, does not make us believe that it is an application that is too simple or that it does not have the necessary content, since in this case the opposite occurs, since we are in the presence of one that has an interface really attractive, with a number of more than interesting channels, although with the particularity that all the stations it has are spoken in English.

The best thing about Mobile TV is that it allows us to quickly and easily access both live and recorded television, even for streaming transmissions, although in none of the cases we will have to pay anything for this content. One more detail that we must consider about this application is that it is necessary to have Flash installed, which although it is not complicated, some try to avoid it for security reasons.

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Justin TV

If you are one of those who have been trying to watch television on computers for years, you must have ever heard of, a platform that originally appeared on PC, but of course has adapted to the new times by taking the leap to Android. In your case, it offers us access to an impressive number of channels created by the users of the site, so that you can see any type of content that interests you.

Regarding you have to know that it has an advantage and that is that the amount of content we have on hand is probably the largest that exists for an application of this type, although on the other hand that content is not always seen in the Best Quality. Anyway, if you are looking for an interesting and plural experience, you can be sure that is your option, always with the clarification that it works on terminals with Android 4.0 or higher.

Sport TV

Continuing with the best Android applications to be able to enjoy our terminals, it is impossible to lose sight of what happens with Sport TV, which its name indicates, has much more to do with sports broadcasts. Essentially on Sport TV you will find football matches, although there are also tennis matches, and others, always in streaming, so you can follow minute by minute the news of your favorite team or athlete.

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Kids TV

Kids TV is the last of the television broadcasting options that we can recommend, and in this particular case we find one that has been specially developed to keep the little ones entertained. If you have to leave home for a while, or study while your child is close to you, you can be sure that with this app he will be entertained by watching his favorite programs, with YouTube content selected for the little ones, so that he cannot be scouring the video platform without any control.

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