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Do you have trouble getting your little one to study a little math, but instead he likes to spend hours with his mobile? The time comes then to take advantage of the technologies so that they learn a little, and there is a good number of applications that the little ones can use, in this case to better know the multiplication tables, so we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Indeed, the first thing you have to consider in this regard is that there are many good multiplication tables applications, although we have taken the trouble to review what we consider the most advanced. We will teach you 5 multiplication tables apps for you to install on your Android device, and in this way your little one learns playing with the telephone, in any circumstance.


The best multiplication tables apps for Android

Multiplication Table (download)

The first of the applications that we consider you have to know when it comes to learning math on Android is Multiplication table, one that is really simple to begin with for those who are starting out in these issues. Thanks to this app, the little one will be able to put all his knowledge to the test, fighting against time, preventing it from finishing before he solves his exercises.

10monkeys Multiplication (download)

10monkeys Multiplication It is the second of the multiplication applications for Android that we can recommend, one of the educational applications that has undoubtedly been placed among the favorites of the little ones. In his case we have to highlight aspects such as an exciting environment thanks to the use of these funny monkeys, which will make learning much more entertaining for children.

Multiply and Learn (download)

We pass in the third instance to Multiply and Learn, one more application among those that we consider essential to teach all children what are the mathematical operations that they must know by heart. If you are looking for a colorful, easy-to-use and, above all, intuitive application of multiplication tables for your mobile, so that your little one can use it, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Multiplying (download)

We then come to Multiplying, an application about which we must say that it teaches the little ones by making a huge number of small games available to them so that they better understand the tables. Among the math applications for mobile phones, it is undoubtedly one of the most fun, since it has all kinds of songs and videos for the little ones to entertain themselves.

Math games (download)

Math games It is the last of the alternatives that we can consider in this segment of multiplication tables apps, one that attracts attention first of all because it has even more arithmetic operations. With regard to multiplication tables, it stands out in its segment because although it is in English it is easy to guess, and therefore it collaborates in the learning of this language together with that of tables.