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Have you ever needed a thesaurus and didn’t have it handy, or did you have to go to the nearest library to find one? The truth is that if we can get to require help of this type, it is a real sin not to have any of the thesaurus applications, so that we can make the most of the possibilities of our mobiles.

Indeed, just by taking a look at what happens on our smartphone, a quick search within its application stores, we can find that there are many thesaurus apps. However not all are equally good, so In this article we want to show you a thesaurus application for Android and a thesaurus application for iPhone.

If you want to install a thesaurus on iOS or on your Android smartphone, thanks to these two applications that we are going to show you, one for each of them, you will have the possibility to enjoy this information in just seconds. Next, we will analyze all the details of both applications, so that you know them in depth before you can take advantage of its contents.


Install thesaurus on Android

We start then on the side of Android mobile devices, and in this case we have to say that we have an application that is simply called “Offline Synonyms and Antonyms”. Of course, that means a lot about how it works, since it allows us to access a huge number of words with similar or opposite meanings, in just a couple of seconds.

In this application we will find a total of more than 40,000 words, with the advantage that those who are part of the project are also sending new content every day, so it does not stop updating for a second. We even have a keyword anticipation function in its search engine, so if we write “Press”, “Press”, “Press”, etc., will appear as suggestions, such as Google’s.

Install thesaurus on iPhone

And now we have to mention a thesaurus application without Internet for iPhone, as is the case of Larousse Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, that is, it is produced by an entire institution in the field. About this platform, we will start by saying that it has more than 110,000 synonyms and 18,000 antonyms, including many Latin American regionalisms.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, we can also find cross references to other related words, search suggestions while we write our words, a history related to the most recent searches, etc. Similarly, we have the possibility of look up words from the clipboard, translate words from images uploaded to an iPhone album, and more.

Download Synonyms and Antonyms Offline for Android

Download Larousse Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms for iOS