Android apps The best music players for Android 2.3.6Although Android Gingerbread is a bit old, here…

Although Android Gingerbread is a bit old, here we bring you one of the best music players for Android 2.3.6 so you can listen to all the music you want in an application that has the features you require. This time you can choose any of the list that I will present you with the best music players for android of this 2017.

Music Players for Android 2.3.6

1.- VLC

This is a player that works in almost any version of Android, from version 2.2 to the most current. Allows you to play videos and audios in various formats, including ISOS DVD and activate filters and equalizer for editing.

The VLC player can be downloaded for free on any tablet or mobile phone from the following link to Google Play.

2.- AIMP Player

This is a player for Windows computers par excellence, but now it has a version for Android. It is a very light application, ideal for devices with few hardware resources and that have an old version of Android.

AIMP is capable of playing various formats, in addition, it has a voice recorder, eight-band equalizer and more options to customize the sound of the music you listen to. This application has several playback options, such as manual and fast, to download it you just have to enter this link.

3.- NicePlayer Beta

This is a very complete player with a fairly light interface, ideal for mobiles with few hardware resources. It is very easy to use and shows two options: current lists and music collection.

Among the most interesting features we can mention that: it has floating buttons and controls, it has a dark theme, lists can be saved and loaded, all folders can be browsed, it has a timer option, configuration widget, equalizer, smart list playback, and lockscreen controllers.

4.- More players

If you need other players or these do not appeal to you for your Android 2.3.6, then you can try with these players for android, you might also be interested Walkman for Android.

If you have any questions or problems when installing these players you can leave a comment and we will try to help you. The best part of these music players for Android 2.3.6 is that they are available in Google play, so that they are completely virus-free and you will not compromise the security of your mobile or tablet.