Android Change the model number on Android devices Obviously all Android devices have a model number that…

Android Change the model number on Android devices Obviously all Android devices have a model number that…

Obviously all Android devices have a model number that we can see in the Settings part of About the device. In this place we have a lot of information about the phone in question such as battery status, network, etc. Legal information, Device name, Android version, baseband and kernel version. Among all that we see the Model number.

¿What is the model number for?? It is a specific way to differentiate the mobile, since, for example, there are a few versions of each one like the Moto G, like the Samsung J7 and all the J in general, in this way they can be differentiated and when for example we go When browsing the Play Store, perhaps there is an application or game that can be played on some J7 model, but not all, because for some reason it does not allow us to download it.

The ideal in this case would be change the device model number and voila, we have compatibility with that application in question.

Change model number

Whether this is the reason or in reality it is the reason why you need to change the model number, then we will explain step by step below how you should do to change model number on Android in the simplest way possible, so that in a few minutes you can have the model number completely modified at ease.

Of course, it is important that you have the rooted mobile Before continuing, in case you don’t have it, remember that we have many tutorials to root mobiles in the blog published, look for the name of your specific mobile through the search engine above and that’s it.

Now let’s download and install X-Plore File Manager that we find in the Play Store, we download it from right here.

Once installed we are going to open the app in question we go to where it says Configuration, then to Root Access and we go to SuperSU + Mount Writable.

We go to the main menu again, you have to go to / root directory, there we are going to search for system and open it.

In this folder we find the file we were looking for, it is the bluid.prop. you need a text editor to open it.

You have to look for the lines that say:

ro.product.model = “Model name”

ro.product.manufacturer = “Samsung” For example.

You change the model and name, restart the mobile phone and everything is done.

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