Android Clear the cache in Android When we take our new smartphone out of the box everything is illusion …

When we take our new smartphone out of the box, everything is illusion and good vibes. Our new phone works well, it is fast and efficient. However, time goes by and that mobile is no longer as fast as before, then the doubt arises as to whether or not we should clear cache on Android.

In first-generation smartphones, clearing the cache was so necessary that we could almost say that it was mandatory. These phones had little storage capacity and little RAM, so we quickly ran out of space and were forced to free it up by clearing the phone’s cache. In today’s phones, however, that need to clear the cache is not as compelling.

Clear cache on Android

What is the cache?

The cache is a temporary and fast access memory, could be defined as a auxiliary memory that makes copies of data to allow us to navigate in a faster way. What the cache does is store the searches or urls that we access from the browser, as well as the information that some applications need to start.

Clear cache on Android

As we mentioned before, clearing the cache is not as necessary today as it was a few years ago. But nevertheless, it is still advisable to do a cleaning from time to time.

By cleaning the cache, we not only gain internal storage space, but we will immediately notice that our phone is doing better and reacting faster.

There is no set time to clean the cache. On mobiles with little storage space, it would be interesting to do this once a month. But you have to be cautious, since by clearing the cache we can delete information that some of the applications of our mobile need to function. In these cases, we will most likely end up having to delete the application and reinstall it.

Clear cache on Android

Steps to clear the cache

Cleaning the cache is as simple as it is quick. What we have to do is follow the route: Settings> Applications> Click on the application you want> Storage> Clear cache.

Clearing the cache helps us make our phone free up space and go faster, but it is also one of the most effective solutions when Google Play Store gives us problems when installing or updating an application. In these cases you can resort to clearing the cache of the Google Play Store, Google service framework and the Download Manager.

We leave you some examples of cases in which clearing the cache can be useful and also help you to solve some problems:

If after clearing the cache you have not managed to make your mobile go faster or solve the problem that an application is giving you, another option is reset Android to factory settings. Of course, before formatting do not forget to make a backup.