Android Crazy screen on Android? The physical keyboards in mobiles are already a thing of the …

Android Crazy screen on Android? The physical keyboards in mobiles are already a thing of the …

Physical keyboards on mobiles are a thing of the past. Since smartphones arrived on the market, we have gradually forgotten about physical keyboards on mobile phones and today the trend is for phones to have the fewer buttons the better. The touch screen has been a revolution and it must be recognized that it is very practical and allows us a faster and easier handling of mobile phones and tablets, but it may happen that at some point our screen does not work as it should. If you have problems with crazy screen on androidToday we are going to tell you how you can solve this problem.

When there is a failure on the screen of our phone or tablet we can notice it quickly, it may happen that the screen does not react when we touch it and that it begins to do the operations that we have indicated a while later or it may be directly without touching it do stuff.

If any of this happens to us, we must not run to the nearest technical service, there are some things we can do that can be the solution to this problem.

Fix crazy screen on Android


Reboot device

When it comes to technology, restarting the device is one of the most effective panaceas. If we have problems with the screen, it is more than likely that by restarting the phone we will be able to solve them.

If the screen has gone crazy and you want to restart the phone, what you have to do is hold down the power button for about 10 seconds. Once the phone has been turned off we leave it like that for one or two minutes and then we turn it on normally.

Remove the memory card and SIM

Sometimes the problem is in the reading of data from the cards. In these cases what we are going to do is remove both SIM and microSD cards, in case the battery from our device is removable, we also remove it.

After a couple of minutes we put everything back in place and restart the phone to see if the problem has been solved

Remove the casing

The case is there to protect the device and it does its job, but sometimes there can be a problem with the case that makes the screen on / off option not work properly. In this case, we turn off the phone, remove the housing, put it back on and turn on the device.


Hard reset

In case none of the above options have worked, we can choose to format the phone or, what is the same, do a hard reset. To do this we will have to enter Recovery mode, simultaneously pressing the power, start and volume keys (the key combination may vary depending on the device in question and can also be enter Recovery mode without buttons). Once we are in Recovery mode we select Wipe data / Recovery reset and the phone will return to keep the factory parameters, which will mean that we will lose all the information that was on the device if we do not have a backup.

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