Android Fix error has stopped When our mobile devices fail we want to fix them as soon as possible so …

When our mobile devices fail, we want to fix them as soon as possible to continue using the phone as normal. There are several bugs or errors that may appear, but in this case we are going to focus on how fix error has stopped.

Reasons why this error appears

It may happen that we are using our phone with total normality and from one moment to another a message appears that indicates “Unfortunately the has stopped”.

This error can be caused by various reasons. It can be due to an application malfunction or the phone’s VPN settings are wrong, among other possibilities.

The really annoying thing about this error is that warning message appears constantly. Once the message appears, click on Ok or Accept to close the manager advantage, but after a few seconds that window reappears.

What we can do is activate airplane mode. Thus we prevent the window from appearing in which we are notified of the error, but we must bear in mind that this does not solve the problem, the failure will still be there even if our phone does not inform us of it.


Fix error has stopped

As there are several reasons that can lead to the appearance of this error, there are also several possible solutions.

Clear your phone app cache and data

If we know which of the applications is causing problems, we can try to clear the cache and data. For this we will Settings> Applications, we look for the controversial app and we clear the data and the cache. If we do not know which application is causing the failure, we will have to repeat the process with all the applications installed on the device.

Clear cache and data from SIM Toolkit

In that case it is done the same as in the previous one, but after entering Settings instead of going to Applications we will SIM card tools and we clear both the cache and the data.

Set the date and time

Sometimes the error is caused by a mismatch in the date and time. To make the change we will Settings> Date and time and deactivate the Automatic time zone box. We adjust the date and time manually and restart the mobile.


Adjust APN settings

If the problem persists, it may be a failure in the APN configuration. In this case we follow the route Settings> More … (appears under Data usage) Mobile networks> APN. We click to show us more options and choose Reset values. If the process does not work, we have the option to add the APN manually with the data given by our mobile phone provider.

If you use any of these solution options, remember to switch from airplane mode to normal mode to check if everything is correct.

In case none of the above solutions work, the only option left is do a hard reset Of the device.