Android Games Best Low-End Mobile Games Must be ugly not being able to play a lot of games…

It must be ugly not to be able to play a large number of games because your mobile device does not support the apps, right? Well I tell you that it has happened to me on several occasions, there comes a point where you get tired of seeing if a game you like can be used on your mobile and in the end it turns out that it is not like that. I understand how annoying it is and for this reason I have decided to tell you what they are the best and lightest games so you can download and enjoy on your low-end mobile. And luckily we have a great variety as Google loves simple games, indies games. Each one you see on the list is free so you won’t have to spend a single penny to enjoy them.

Cut the rope

Cut the rope

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This game although it seems very simple and childish in reality it is very entertainingIt all starts when suddenly a small package arrives at your house and when you open it you discover that there is a little monster who only wants one thing. What do you want? Well, sweets, that’s the only thing that interests him, this adorable creature is addictive to sweets and you will have to feed him.

But it will not be that easy, since you will have to go level by level, you will have to unlock them to be able to do it and that you will do by gathering the stars of each one. Although with the stars you will not only get to unlock levels but you will also get rare prizes. As you go through levels, the difficulty will increase so you are going to have to use your imagination and skills to get that little monster to eat his delicious sweet.

Candy Crush Saga

[appbox googleplay com.king.candycrushsaga]

Surely you have heard of it, if when it came out it was the new trend, whether on the computer or on the mobile everyone was playing, desperate to get lives and that is the truth is very addictive. If you had not tried it then you should do it because you are going to love it, what you have to do is join Mr. Tiffi and Toffe to enjoy a delicious adventure through the kingdom of Candy. You are going to travel to magical places where you will come across very funny characters who are crazy about candies and sweets. You just have to make a good combination of these sweets to be able to level up and learn more about this story.


[appbox googleplay com.droidhen.defender]

Here you will find a wave of monsters that are invading a castle, they move too fast therefore you will have to hit hard and not give up. You will have to arm your bow to go out to fight against all of them and not allow them to enter your castle, but it won’t be easy because you only have one bow so you will have to make very tactical plays.

Bubble worlds

[appbox googleplay com.hapogames.BubbleParadise]

You are going to travel to a world of bubbles where you are going to have to play with these, but not as you think. When you start you will have a certain amount of bubbles that you will have to join with others but of the same color to be able to have the banana of each mission. The levels will get more difficult as you progress, think about your movements well.

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Raging thunder

[appbox googleplay com.polarbit.rthunderlite]

Here you are going to find what real racing competition is, it is what you have been looking for if you like speed. You can play races with time, you can also challenge the fastest competitors which are controlled by the computer. Best of all, you can choose whether to compete against one, two and even up to three opponents, beat all your opponents and become the best racer in this world.

In any case that you do not have the Play Store installed on your factory device, remember that you can install it anyway without any kind of problem. How? We will show you in this post, simple and fast so that you can easily enjoy the best apps and games for Android