Android games Dinosaur games for all ages Dinosaurs have been extinct for thousands of years, but still…

It has been thousands of years since dinosaurs became extinct, but even so everything related to these magnificent creatures is capable of attracting the attention of young and old, perhaps that is why it is so common to find dinosaur games in the Google Play Store.

Dinosaurs star in fighting games, hunting games, simulators and even virtual pet games.

The best dinosaur games on the Play Store

Virtual Pet: Dinosaur

Virtual Pet: Dinosaur is a fun and entertaining game, recommended for children to learn everything related to the obligations of having a pet.

The objective of the game is to take care of a little dinosaur that lives alone on an island. The player must take care that their pet eats, bathes, sleeps and even learns fun skills like playing soccer.

The game does not only consist of taking care of the dinosaur, but it includes 15 minigames with which you can get coins that in turn will help to improve the care of this virtual pet.

The application works on devices with Android operating system version 4.0 or higher and 31 MB of free space is required to install it.


3D Dinosaur Simulation

Dinosaur Simulation 3D is a game in which we get into the skin of a dinosaur to experience first hand the experience of living in the Jurassic.

The player can choose between four different types of dinosaurs and can then walk through the Jurassic world, although they will have to be careful not to collide with the other animals.

A very outstanding aspect of this game is that it has very realistic and detailed graphics, so it does not disappoint fans of dinosaurs.

The application works on devices that have Android operating system version 4.0 or later. 31 MB free required for installation.

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is a dinosaur game in which this time they are the prey. The player gets into the skin of a hunter who travels to a mysterious jurassic island to hunt some of the fiercest animals everTo do this, he will participate in challenging “shooter” series that will help him improve his equipment. As in other games of this type, you can also resort to paying with real money to get better kits.

The graphics are designed following realistic Jurassic models and with high resolution textures to enhance the gaming experience.

This dinosaur game works on mobiles and tablets with Android 3.0 or higher versions of the operating system and requires 48 MB of free space to install.


Dino Quest – Dinosaur Game

Dino Quest – Dinosaur Game is a strategy game in which we have to find fossils. It can be explored on any continent and carried out excavations to find fossils.

Once all the bones have been gathered, the dinosaur skeleton can be formed and information about it unlocked.

This application requires Android operating system 3.0 or later versions and 38 MB of free space on the device.

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