Android games Download Download Battlefield 1 for Android: A Classic! Surely you have heard of Battlefield, or not? If your answer …

Android games Download Download Battlefield 1 for Android: A Classic! Surely you have heard of Battlefield, or not? If your answer …

Surely you have heard of BattlefieldOr not? If your answer is yes, I have excellent news for you. Electronic arts Y HE SAYS, they still give us a lot to talk about with their shooter game, that is, Battlefield. This great game, In addition to having very realistic graphics, it also has a unique environment full of missions, history and of course, all the adrenaline we can get in a good shooter. If you loved this game then you should know that now it is possible download Battlefield 1 for Android, so you can take this game on your Smartphone and enjoy the adventure wherever you go.


What is Battlefield 1 about?

In Battlefield 1, we will be transferred to the events that gave rise the first World War. So we will see the stories based on that time, which will give this game a much more realistic touch.

If you decide download Battlefield 1 for Android, you won’t regret doing it one bit. This is because once you enter the game, you will be impressed with the incredible graphics engine, in addition to the gameplay is much easier than you can imagine, adapting perfectly to the screen of any mobile device.

Everything will be valid on the battlefield, so in Battlefield 1, you will have an immense arsenal of weapons that you must use to eliminate enemies in the most efficient way possible.

However, if you do not carry weapons, there is no problem, since in this game you will be able to handle vehicles such as tanks and airplanes. With all this within the same game, there is no doubt that reliving the adventure of the First World War will provide us with many hours of entertainment, fun and adrenaline.


How to download Battlefield 1 for Android?

Surely you will think that I am kidding you, since you have tried to download this game in the official application store of Android. But this is not the case, this game is simply not available in Google play. However, it is possible to download its APK, and here we will tell you how download Battlefield 1 for Android step by step, let’s see how to do it:

  1. First, you must download the APK file on your computer, you can get it through this link.
  2. When the APK file has been downloaded, you need to connect your device Android to your computer with the help of the USB cable.
  3. Now, you must copy the file to your device Android.
  4. The next step is to find the APK that you have copied to your Tablet or phone and start it. It only remains to follow the instructions that appear to install the game and you will be able to enjoy this classic again.

If you have trouble installing Battlefield 1 for Android, make sure you have checked the Unknown origins. This option can be found in the menu Settings / Security.


Do you see how simple it is download Battlefield 1 for Android?, What are you waiting to do it?. It’s time to relive the history of the First World War, an adventure full of action and adrenaline.