Android games Download Download Medal of Honor for AndroidAre you a fan of games that combine history and…

Are you a fan of games that combine history and war? Then you must download Medal of Honor for Android. This popular title had its beginnings on the console of PlayStation, a game that many loved a few years ago.


What is Medal of Honor about?

For those who have not had the opportunity to play this wonderful game, it takes us to the time of World War II, where we will embody the character of James patterson, a lieutenant belonging to the army of the United States of America. Our mission will be to fight against the German army, in the same way it happened at that time.

The most outstanding aspect of Medal of Honor, is its impressive cinematic development. This is thanks to the fact that within the game, we are going to come across a series of short films that give this game more realism. This, without taking into account that Steven Spielberg, was responsible for creating them. For those who do not know who this famous director and video game designer is, he was responsible for producing and directing the film of Saving Private Ryan.


How are the controls for this game on Android devices?

Well, the gameplay of Medal of Honor for Android it is quite simple. This, thanks to the fact that we have virtual buttons very well positioned on the screen of our device. This will make it much easier to point and shoot without getting tangled up. So if you want to play the first installment of Medal of Honor on your device Android, you can do it without problems.

How to download Medal of Honor for Android?

As you must imagine, Medal of Honor for Android It is not officially available in the store Google play. The thing is, since it is a game of Playstation 1, it’s possible emulate it on devices with Android.

So, we only need to download the ROM of the game and run it through some emulator of PlayStation quality for mobile. These can be purchased on the Internet or from the application store of Google.


Steps to download Medal of Honor for Android:

Ok if you want to play Medal of Honor for Android, It will be very simple, here I will explain in brief steps how to achieve it without problems:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter Google play, for this, you must open the application on your device Android found in the applications directory.
  2. Now you should look for an emulator, like the ePSXe for Android, which, although it is an emulator that you have to pay for, is worth doing.
  3. When you find it, you must click on the button where the price of the application appears to start the payment process and be able to download it.
  4. Now, you need to download the ROM from Medal of Honor¸ you can do it using the following link.
  5. When the ROM download is finished, you should open the emulator Playstation 1 on your device with Android. From the application, you must locate the ROM and open it, in this way you can play Medal of Honor for Android.


This is all you need to download Medal of Honor for Android. What are you waiting to play and fight in this historic war?