Android games Download Download Pokémon Snap for AndroidDo you think you are a true Pokémon fan? Do you want to see what it is like …

Do you think you are a true Pokémon fan? Do you want to see what the true natural habitat of Pokémon creatures is like and capture that moment in an image? If your answer is yes to both questions, then you must download Pokémon Snap for Android. A unique game where you can witness this and at the same time take photos of all the pokémon species you find.

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This fantastic game had been released in 1999 for the console Nintendo 64. Now this game can be played on the platform Android, where we can appreciate the best settings and the most controversial pokémon creatures, as well as thousands of adventures that will help us improve our skills as photographers.

What’s the story in Pokémon Snap?

On this occasion, we will embody the character of Todd Snap, a pokemon photographer who has a very simple task. Your task is to go to a strange island and take the best pictures of the Pokémon in their most special and primitive moments.

The gameplay is very simple, it is an FPS where you must navigate through a menu full of phases. In each phase, you can take up to 60 photographs so that at the end of each one, you choose the best ones to show to Professor Oak, who is the guide in this adventure. Once the teacher has chosen the best ones, they will give you a score for them.

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How to download Pokémon Snap for Android?

As we already know, this game was originally released for Nintendo 64, but at present it has also been released for other platforms such as Wii U. The ideal would be to play it in the classic Nintendo 64, but if you want to play it from your Smartphone or Tablet, you must download the ROM of the game and of course, an emulator of Nintendo 64 for Android.

In the Store of Google play You can find many emulators that will allow you to play the old video games of this console on your device. It is very easy to search for them, just place in the search bar “Emulator N64” and immediately several options will be Pokémon Snap for Android3

Steps to download Pokémon Snap for Android:

  1. First, you must open the application Google play found in the applications directory.
  2. Then type in the search bar MegaN64When you have found the application, click on it and a new window will appear. If you have problems finding the application use this link.
  3. In this window, you must click on the button install and immediately an information will appear with what you need to access the application. You just have to click on To accept and the download will start.
  4. Now you should wait for the emulator to download and install automatically.
  5. The next step is to download the ROM from Pokémon Snap, you can do it through this link.
  6. And finally, it only remains to open the emulator and load the ROM and voila, to play.

download Pokémon Snap for Android4

This is all you need to download Pokémon Snap for Android quickly and easily. Maybe you can find applications similar to the game, but nothing like the original of the Nintendo 64. Now, take the best pictures of all the Pokémon you find!