Android games Download Download Rock Band 4 for Android. Rock like a Celebrity For all those fans of music and video games …

For all those fans of music and video games or who at least enjoy both, Rock band 4 it is definitely the game that you have to have installed on your mobile device. If you like rock, don’t think too much about it and download Rock Band 4 for Android while you read a little more about it below.


Like the Guitar Hero franchise, Rock Band is one of the greatest of the musical genreAlthough the “boom” has exploded for a long time and we can say that the popularity of these games is not what it was before, we also have super entertaining deliveries that can keep us hooked on the screen of our mobile device for several hours.

In this fourth installment we are going to have a good amount of well-known songs to take, to feel as if we were there, in front of thousands of people playing a guitar or perhaps with the drums, even if we want to have the absolute prominence and start singing, We can do what we want, we can be whoever we want.

The way to play is too simple, but that does not mean that it is boring or anything like that. It is simple to learn how to play, although to be able to play like a true expert you will need a lot of experience.

The graphic quality is one of the best that we could see on mobile devices, so in this aspect we can say that it accompanies perfectly, along with the music that surrounds us in an ideal environment to have a good time on the sofa at home.

Download Rock Band 4 for Android

Unfortunately for all Android users who want to play Rock Band 4 on their operating system, it will not be possible because it came out exclusively for the latest generation consoles, we are talking about PS4 and Xbox One.


Download Band Live Rock for Android

Although we do not leave empty-handed because there is something similar in Android, we know that it is not the same, but; first of all, much better.

In this game we are going to enjoy in a few words a Rock simulator that will allow us to get fully into what it would be like to be in a band, you can play the electric drums, guitar, piano and bass, all on our mobile device.

To download this app simply follow this link that will take you directly to the Play Store.

Here you only have to look for the green button that says “Install”, once you press it, a sign will appear asking you to give the application permissions, accept it to start downloading and then it will install automatically, now you can enjoy Band Live Rock .

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