Android games Download Download Skin for and make your Snake the most Original in the WorldLately a game has become fashionable that has…

Lately a game has become fashionable that has reminded us a bit of the old days, of the first mobile devices that came out. One of them was the Nokia 1100, this was launched in 2003 and it was one of the best sellers of all time, if you had it or at least you had the opportunity to have it while it worked, you will surely know that it had a game, the one of the snake.


You had to eat until it got big, quite big actually and endure as long as you could while you kept eating those little black dots. has made that those of us who have played that classic for a long time can do it again. Obviously it is much more modern, it is not the same and the best of all is that it is played online.

The bad thing is that when you play it from the computer, from the official website your snake will have only one design and the color will change from time to time. But if you decide to play it from the platform then you can download Skin for, with it you will have the craziest skin in the world and everyone will want to be you.

What is Skin and about

To begin with, if didn’t exist, Skin wouldn’t exist, right? is a game where your character, which is a snake, has to eat all the bubbles that is on the road. The safest thing is that when you start the game you will start in a secluded place but as you move to find more spheres you will find thousands of more snakes which will want to catch you.

In the event that they do not catch you, they will do anything to collide with one of them and that way you die, the problem is that not only do they do it so as not to have one more competitor to win, but also because once they you die you become eaten by others. Thus dying in can be a disadvantage for you but for others it is an opportunity to find a lot of food in one place and thus increase in size quickly.

The main objective of the game is to reach the first place, which is not easy because there are too many online players who want to do everything possible to be in that first place and consecrate themselves as the best. This is not a simple task, it takes a lot of skill but above all pay close attention so that you do not fall into a trap or collide with another snake by accident.

As I told you before, one of the problems you have is that You will always have the same snake with a design, with a fairly simple skin. But it will not be necessary for your snake to be very simple and basic because on Android you will be able to find the best designs and colors to make your snake cool. All you have to do is download Skin.


How to download Skin for

When you enter the Play Store you will find hundreds of applications that will allow you to change the skin of your snake without any problem but you have to know that not all of them will have those designs that you have surely seen. Most likely, you will have to review some app to get the one you want or one that you like a lot. In the next tutorial you will see what there is 3 apps that are easy to install and it has quite original skins.

So you have 3 options which are:

  • Skins For In this you will find many skins with very crazy ideas that are actually quite funny.
  • Fire Skins For In this case you will see many designs that are burning, they are all related to fire.
  • Hero Skin For As you can see they are superhero skin, you can find from Superman to Deadpool.

To download them you have to do the same with any of the three applications, first you are going to enter the Play Store and go to the search engine. There you will write the name of the app you want and start the search, when you already have the results you will enter the first option which is always the original. Then you are going to press the Install button and wait for the download and installation to finish.

As you can see, it is quite easy to download Skins for, don’t waste any more time and start enjoying the best designs for your snake.