Android games Download Download update PokeMeshPok√©mon Go came into our lives a couple of …

Android games Download Download update PokeMeshPok√©mon Go came into our lives a couple of …

Pokémon Go came into our lives a couple of months ago and although the initial fever seems to have calmed down, true fans of this game continue to spend hours and hours trying to complete the Pokédex. We know that it is not an easy task, so on some occasion we have already told you about websites and applications that can help you to capture those Pokémon that you are missing. This time we are going to talk about how download PokeMesh update.


What is PokeMes?

Pokemesh is an application that helps us locate the pokémon that are close to the place where we are, also including other useful information such as the location of the PokéStops and Gyms.

Nintendo and Niantic do not like these types of applications at all, since they think that they distort the spirit of Pokemon go by helping players find all the creatures, eliminating the thrill of going out to see what we find.

However, we players like these types of applications a lot, since they allow us to continue advancing in the game.

To avoid being banned by Nintendo, PokeMesh had to be updated. The latest version available is 7.0.0

Download PokeMesh update

You can download the APK PokeMesh 7.0.0 in the link that we just provided. The download can be done directly on the phone or through a computer, although in the latter case the APK file will have to be transferred to the mobile phone through a USB cable.

Once the APK file is on the smartphone, click on it to start the installation. If you ask us, we select the option to Install packages.

To be able to install the application it is necessary that we allow the installation of applications not downloaded from an official store. To do this we go to Settings> Security and activate Unknown Sources or Origins.

We complete the installation and we are ready to start using the new version of this useful application.


What’s new in PokeMesh 7.0.0

  • Fix some of the bugs of the previous version
  • It no longer shows alert notifications that have been shown previously
  • The remaining time to catch a pok√©mon can be shared via WhatsApp message
  • Improve multi-account distribution
  • Improves the automatic retries option on the login screen
  • Icon size has been improved
  • A small menu with two buttons has been added that overlaps the map and allows opening and closing the option
  • Added an initial login check to detect if the system clock is set to automatic mode
  • The application now notifies you of new updates in a dialog box from which you can directly download the new version
  • Sounds and vibrations have been fixed

The improvements made to PokeMesh have not only managed to avoid being banned by Nintendo, but have also improved the user experience, making it easier to go out and capture pokémon with the help of this application.

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