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If you have been following us in recent weeks, you will have seen a huge number of articles directly related to one of the games of the year, if we could not directly consider it as the title that has caused the most impact during 2016. There is no doubt then that we are referring to Pokemon Go, and we have to say about it that we find a very attractive game, one that surely you have been enjoying for hours and hours if you are a lover of these creatures.

What happens is that after the game became famous, we have also witnessed the appearance on the scene of a huge amount of new content and accessories, to call them in some way, related to Pokemon Go, and precisely about them we wanted talk today. Not of all, of course, but of one in particular, of NecroBot, which is the most recognized bot in Pokemon Go, one that thousands of users are enjoying right now to have a great time with this game.


How do you use NecroBot, the bot for Pokemon Go?

Well, as we said before, we can confirm that right now NecroBot is the bot preferred by most of the users who usually entertain themselves with this game, considering some essential aspects of it, such as that it is not having problems with account bans, something very common . To that we have to add later the fact that it offers very good features. So, If you want to get a completely different performance from this game, you have to know that with NecroBot it is very possible to do it.

Of course, we understand that many of our readers may be wondering right now what a bot is, or why someone would want to have access to one of them. We have to mention in this sense that it is a robot that mimics human behavior, so that it can make us believe, so to speak, that there is a human on the other side. The operation of NecroBot gives it a twist, because it makes the game believe that we are the ones who move, when in reality, of course, it is not..

The first thing you will have to do then if you want to enjoy all the functions of NecroBot is to download the executable file, which is generally known as the APK, because this bot for obvious reasons is not available in the Google store Play Store. In Effect, we must say that NecroBot works easily once we have downloaded it from this link and installed. We only have to bear in mind that we run the risk of having our account banned, either temporarily or permanently.

In the same way, we have to comment that when our Pokemon Go account is banned, the first consequence that we are going to suffer has to do with losing all the progress we have made so far, and that is why we recommend being extremely careful in this regard. Beyond what is indicated, if it is a temporary ban we can recover the account without losing progress, but if it is a definitive one, you have to start all over again for having violated the gaming policies.

Have you installed the NecroBot bot for Pokemon Go on your mobile? What do you think?