Android Games Download How to Download Pok√©mon Go on the Tablet – Quick and Easy Pok√©mon Go is a video game that works with new technology …

Android Games Download How to Download Pok√©mon Go on the Tablet – Quick and Easy Pok√©mon Go is a video game that works with new technology …

Pokemon go is a video game that works with the new technology of augmented reality. It has already reached more than a million downloads and that only for Smartphone. Now, it is possible to download it on other devices, here you will discover how you can download Pokémon Go on the Tablet.

Throughout history, many fans have played pok√©mon all deliveries on different consoles, they have been able to meet new characters, pokemon, fought the most exciting pok√©mon battles, etc. Now, in this game it is possible to enter the real Pok√©mon world. You can capture them in real life using a map and your device’s camera with Android. You just have to have very good aim and catch them with the pok√© ball.

Pokemon go

How does Pokémon Go work?

Very simple, as we have mentioned, it uses the technology of augmented reality. In turn, it relies on two basic functionalities that all devices with Android. These are the GPS and Google’s default location service which is Google maps.

With the help of GPS, you will locate yourself on the map of Pokemon go represented by a character. In turn, the game will locate places of interest that are close to you and Pokémon that you can catch when you approach them. Get the idea that your device is a radar. When detecting a pokémon on the map, press on it and you can visualize it with the camera to capture it.

How to download Pokémon Go on the Tablet?

The official launch of Pokemon go caused a large number of downloads in a very short time in the market of Google play. However, it was not possible that all countries could enjoy the game at the same time, but progressively. Just a few weeks ago it was possible to play it in all Latin American countries.

All you need to download is to have the sufficient storage space (61 MB) and that your Tablet works under the operating system Android. The game is completely free and is available in the Store of Google play. Before this, you should also verify that the version of Android of your Tablet is 4.4 or higher.

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To download Pokémon Go on the Tablet you just have to follow these steps:

  1. From the Tablet, you must enter the application Google play.
  2. Now, in the search bar type Pokemon go.
  3. You select the game and press Install, you must wait for the game to download and install automatically.
  4. When the game has installed, you must press Open and you can customize your Avatar Pokemon go.

If you have problems installing the game or have not been able to find it in the application of Google play, do not worry. You can download it through this link. Remember that if you have any questions or concerns, you can also leave it in the comments and we will gladly help you.

Now that you have achieved download Pokémon Go on the Tablet you can spend hours of fun and get to know the real pokémon world. What are you waiting for to start catching pokemon and be the best pokemon master?