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Portable consoles are today a very common device. If there is a brand that has been the protagonist in the video game sector through the portable game console, that is undoubtedly Nintendo. First the Game Boy was released, a few years later the Game Boy Advance would arrive and finally the Nintendo DS and its subsequent evolutions. If you like classic games, we are going to tell you how to play Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for Android, a game that you cannot miss.


A journey full of nostalgia

The famous manga Dragon ball it became popular worldwide in the late 1980s and early 1990s of the last century. Although those of us who were children at that time were enthusiastic about these drawings, adults were not the same illusion as we did, since they considered them to be very violent drawings.

Despite the criticism, the mythical series managed to stay on the air and after 153 episodes made the jump to Dragon Ball Z, in which we could learn more about the true origin of Goku and see how he developed all his fighting potential.

For many, Dragon Ball is the best of the entire saga and if there is a video game that is faithful to that first stage of the manga, that is undoubtedly Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure.

The game reviews the 153 episodes that made up the original series in a total of 15 levels in which some of the most important events in history are narrated, such as the first encounters with Bulma, the appearance of Master Roshi or the fight against Piccolo.


Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for Android

The way we have today to play old video games is through emulators, since few are those who are lucky enough to have a GBA at home and it still works.

If you want to play Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure the first thing you have to do is download a Game Boy Advance emulator. There are many GBA emulators, but this time we are going to recommend My boy, which has the added advantage of being able to be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

In case you download the file from a place other than the official Google application store, it is necessary that you activate the option of Unknown Sources or Origins on your mobile or tablet (Settings> Security) since otherwise you will not be able to install the APK file.

With the emulator already installed and ready to use, you have to download the ROM, that is, the file that contains the game. To find this game we leave you a compilation of websites where you can find ROMs for all emulators.

With the game already downloaded, what remains to be done is open the emulator and import the ROM of Dragon Ball Advancend Adventure and you can start playing and remember the old days.

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