Android Games How to install Steam games on Android If you are a regular at the main gaming platforms on …

Android Games How to install Steam games on Android If you are a regular at the main gaming platforms on …

If you are a regular at the main gaming platforms on the Internet, Surely on more than one occasion you will have heard or taken advantage of the many contents that are part of Steam, one of the most famous in the business. In our case, we have seen a huge amount of comments asking if it is possible to install Steam games on Android and that is why we will dedicate this article to that question.

The first thing to mention in this regard is that indeed, the method that we are going to teach you next is fully functional when it comes to playing all the games in the Steam library from any Android. Beyond that, if you want to have a better experience, or at least closer to what games are, it is convenient that you use a remote control via USB cable.

The idea of ​​this article is that you can make a connection in the best streaming style from your computer, so that you share what you see on your Android screen, and you can later enjoy it even on larger screens. Of course, you are going to require first of all a computer with good technical specifications that is capable of supporting Steam games, even the most advanced ones.

Download Steam Android games

Playing Steam games on Android

The first thing we have to do then is download an application like Moonlight game streaming that we can find in the Google Play Store, or download directly from this link that we propose. Once you have downloaded it, the next point then has to do with running it and locating the computer that uses the same network as our Android.

At that precise moment we are going to press on the computer, and we will see that a kind of connection is generated between both devices, activating an Nvidia Shield window that will be a backup to the procedure. It will ask us for a code that the application itself is going to provide us, and once we are connected, it is assumed that Steam detection will be automatic so that we can see all its famous content.

At this moment we can make all the configurations on Steam that we consider necessary, without losing sight of the same way that thanks to this we will determine by case, the graphic quality of the games that we will execute. Although of course we know that most players will bet on the best possible graphic quality, it is convenient that you review what games it is and their technical requirements.

Once you have access to all the Steam games, you can always connect the remote using a specially designed cable, since they are not the same those that work for Xbox 360 that those of PlayStation consoles, so keep that in mind. For the rest, we did not want to stop mentioning that by downloading Sixaxis Enabler from this link, you will be able to synchronize the controls more easily.