Android Games How to Play Ragnarok Online on Android. The Classic MMORPG If you’ve been waiting for a long time to be able to play this great …

If you have been waiting for a long time to be able to play this great game on your mobile with Android operating system then start celebrating because after following the steps that you will find later you will be able to do it. Most likely, you wonder how this can happen, everything is in AndRO, which is an MMORPG client for Android that works with MMORPG servers which are based on Athena.


The bad luck is that only one server, iRO Chaos is available and as a public and international version. But despite that you can play quite well therefore if you want download Ragnarok Online on your Android And you also want to know how to play it, you just have to keep reading since you will find everything later.

What is Ragnarok Online about

Ragnarok Online is a game developed for computers but the success is so great that many users hope to be able to play it also from their mobiles. And apparently this could happen soon as there have been many rumors that iOS and Android at any time would launch the version of this great game for mobile devices. Although the best news is that even now before it is officially launched you can already enjoy it on your phone without any problem.

Later you will find all the steps to follow in order to have this incredible game on your mobile even though it has not yet been officially launched.


How to download Ragnarok Online on Android

First you have to know that in order to run it your mobile must have Android version 4.0 or higher, if you meet these requirements then you will not have any problem. Then for download Ragnarok Online on Android you have to follow these steps.

1-The first thing you have to do is download AndRo APK and then you will install it on your device.

2-Then you will have to download IRO Client and install it on your computer.

3-Then copy the folder from the folder Client Ragnorak Online that you installed recently, you will have to paste it in the directory of your mobile “/ Sdcard / Ragnarok” although if you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can change the application directory.

4-Last You will need to open AndRO on your device and choose the server you want.

As you can see it is quite simple and there are few steps that you have to follow so after doing so you can play Ragnarok Online on Android one of the best games we have available for this operating system. Although if it does not work, do not think that you did something wrong because it may be that with your device it does not work.

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