Android games Ice Age Adventures for Android, adventures with the oldest heroes If we take a tour of the application store of …

Android games Ice Age Adventures for Android, adventures with the oldest heroes If we take a tour of the application store of …

If we take a tour of the Google application store we can find games of all styles and for all tastes, but this time we are going to focus on one that is as fun as it is addictive, Ice Age Adventures for Android.

Sid, Manny and all of their friends are very popular with children and adults and have starred in five films to date. The great success of these characters has led to the appearance of multiple games in which they are the protagonists, but for us one of our favorites is this one that we are talking about today.

Ice Age Adventures for Android

Ice Age Adventures for Android

This time Manny, Diego and a herd of animals are floating on a large block of ice that has fragmented and dispersed them all, so our goal will be to reunite the pack.

But not everything will be so easy, on our way we will meet powerful enemies and we will have to face the multiple mini-games and puzzles that will appear to us if we want to continue advancing in our rescue of lost animals.

The quality of its graphics and a gameplay that is quite simple and that will provide young and old with hours and hours of entertainment stands out in this game. In addition, the characters have their original voices (in English).

As is customary in this type of game, the download is totally free, but within the game there is a On-line shop in which products can be purchased with real money. The prices vary between € 0.99 and € 99.99.

Purchases can help us move faster in achieving our goals, but they are not essential, so that we can enjoy the game without having to spend money.

Ice Age Adventures for Android

Install Ice Age Adventures on Android

One of the great advantages of the applications and games that we find in the Google Play Store is that they are very simple to install.

To download Ice Age Adventures, all we have to do is look for the game in the Play Store or directly click on the link that we leave you here. Click on the green install button and we wait for the download and installation of the game to take place.

One thing to keep in mind is that nwe need 5.7 MB of available space on our tablet or mobile to download.

Also for children

Ice Age Adventures is liked by adults, but also by the little ones in the house. This suitable for children from 7 years and thanks to its simple game system the little ones will be entertained for hours.

Of course, since it is a game that incorporates purchases with real money, it is advisable to block this option to avoid possible annoyances if children end up clicking where they should not.

We would like to know your opinion about these types of games. Do you like Ice Age games? What is your favorite?

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