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Play chess it is entertainment with many centuries of history. The origins of this game have always been discussed, but the most accepted version is that the game arose in Asia and that from India it spread to China, Russia, Persia and then to Europe, which is the place where the games were established. rules that still govern this game today.

In chess, each of the two players has 16 pieces. The board is divided into 64 squares that alternate black and white. Is a strategy game in which the objective is to finish off the opponent’s king. To do this, the square occupied by the king must be threatened with different pieces, so that the player whose king is being attacked cannot protect it, move it to another free square, or capture one of the pieces that is threatening it.

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Play chess on your mobile or tablet

In its classic mode, chess is a game that faces two people, but since technology began to develop it is already possible play chess against the computer.

This strategy game is one of the most popular and played worldwide, that is why in the Play Store we can find a wide variety of chess games.

Chess (Chess Free)

This game is one of the highest rated chess games available in the official Google app store. It has twelve different levels of play that pose a challenge for both experts and people who are starting.

The player can choose between Casual and Pro mode to decide how much help you want to receive from the game. You can also view your statistics in either of the two modes.

The application uses the treebeard engine, which allows the program to play with a more human style, which makes the game more interesting.

For those who are just starting, the app has a tutor that shows the pieces that it is advisable to move in each move. With this tutor, different skills are developed and mistakes are avoided.

The player can also see the movements that the machine is thinking of doing, which also contributes to their learning.

One of the novelties of this game is that it has the hot seat mode, in which you can play online against another person.

It works on devices with Android 2.3 operating system and higher versions, it requires 11 MB of free space for installation.

Download Chess (Chess Free)

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Chess Live Chess

This game allows one or two player games. In the single player version the artificial intelligence engine offers up to five different levels of difficulty.

The app offers an elegant and refined design in which there is nothing to distract the player from the game, although it does have sound effects.

One of the differences this game with respect to others is that it has undo and redo functions.

It works on devices with Android 2.0 operating system and higher versions, requires 3.2 MB of free space for installation.

Download Chess Live Chess

If chess is your thing, discover the best places to play chess online.

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