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If you are not at home or you simply cannot use your console or PC for some reason, don’t worry, I bring you the 5 best games for LG that will save you in day. Fortunately, today there are great developers who have brought us incredible titles that can even surpass those of consoles such as the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox.

However, finding these titles is not an easy task since in the application stores there is an almost unlimited amount of this, but you are in luck, since if you are looking for the best in games here you will know the 5 best games for LG that you can install on your mobile with Android.

Top 5 games for LG

Against Evolution

Are you a lover of the classics that came out in the 90s? Sure yes, then first of all we have Against Evolution. An improved version of the old Against, which, despite having the same essence in this title, we find ourselves in battlefields with better graphics, as well as controls that adapt perfectly to the screen of your LG.

As for the mission, it will be the same as in the classic, you must go through various scenarios and defeat the aliens that have come to invade Earth. To download this game you can use this link that will lead you to Google play.


Batman: Arkham Origins

The knight of the night returns positioning himself between the 5 best games for LG. In this title you will be able to fight against the main villains of Gotham city, where you can use all the skills of Batman to be victorious.

In this version you will get interesting rewards every time you manage to defeat the enemies that threaten the city that serve to improve the character and buy new suits. If you want to download Batman: Arkham Origins you can use this link.


Dragon slayer

Another great title that cannot be missing from your LG. In this game you must become the best of all dragon hunters, as well as defeat these powerful creatures.

The controls in this game are very simple, you can use a shield to block the attacks, you can attack and dodge the fire breath of these creatures. However, your strength will not be enough to defeat dragons, but you will have some wild cards as pets, magic gloves and powerful weapons at hand to be able to defeat the most ferocious creatures of the middle ages. To download this game you must use this link in you LG.


Final fantasy iii

The version of Final Fantasy III from Nintendo DS adapted for your LG. In this title we can appreciate the elements of the first games of Final fantasy but with some new features that you should discover. To download it on your LG you can use this link.


Sonic dash

The fastest hedgehog is back on a new adventure. Sonic dash is a game that perfectly suits your LG, where you must travel at maximum speed each of the tracks in this title.

Fortunately, we can count on the speed of Sonic, to overcome all obstacles that arise in the shortest possible time. If you want to download Sonic dash in you LG you can use this link.


These are the 5 best games for LG that you can find in the store Google play, so you will have no problem spending fun time away from your video game console or your PC.