Android Games The best alternatives to ApalabradosWhen we think of the most important games, both in versions of …

When we think of the most important games, both in desktop and mobile versions, we know that Apalabrados is one of the favorites of users around the world, one that has conquered millions of people. For this reason, in a timely manner we We have already taught how to download Apalabrados, but we also believe that we must value some of its best alternatives.

And of course, it happens that As we have already taught the best tricks for Apalabrados, many users may feel that they overcome their rivals with too much difficulty, and that it is time to look for other similar titles. For this reason, the idea of ​​this article is to be able to show all our readers five games similar to Apalabrados that will surely allow you to have a great time.


The best alternatives to Apalabrados

  • Wordbrain: the first of the alternatives to Words that we consider that you should take into account is the so-called WordBrain, which, as its name indicates, forces us to use the brain to form words. The operation of this app is very simple, since we only have to form words, first of four letters, but then much longer, so you better be attentive.
  • Snap attack: also Snap Attack is a good option for when we have tired of the original Wording, considering that it has been developed by the people of Microsoft, and has an undeniable resemblance to Scrabble. On this particular title, we can highlight issues such as competing against thousands of players, who will add their chips at the same time as us, so hurry up.
  • Words with Friends: we move on to the third of the possibilities that we want our readers to take into account when it comes to alternatives to Apalabrados, from the hand of a game like Palabras con Amigos. It also works like Scrabble, and although its aesthetics have some differences with other versions, we cannot fail to recommend it as another option.
  • Wordament: We don’t think you have to leave Wordament aside when looking for a game similar to Apalabrados but not the original, since we will be competing with a huge number of users from everywhere. At the end of each level we will see where we have been, and if we like challenges and having to overcome ourselves, there are very few options like this.
  • Alphabetty Saga: If we think of one of the main video game studios in the world, such as King, it is clear that we cannot lose sight of its developments, especially in the case of Alphabetty Saga. About this game we must say that of course it consists of creating words, forming them with the letters, but with the limit of a maximum number of attempts per turn.