Android games The best applications and games for girls for AndroidAlthough it is true that times are changing and today in …

Although it is true that times are changing and today it is much more common for men to be interested in issues that previously we could only relate to women and vice versa, we must not lose sight of the fact that there are some content on technology that can be associated with either of the two sexes more commonly, something this article will cover.

What happens is that although we usually talk about Android applications that both they and they can take advantage of at the same time, on this special occasion we wanted to talk a little about the best mobile girl apps and gamesConsidering that there are many women who have been asking us which ones we can recommend to install on their smart equipment.


The best Android girl apps and games

Exercises for Women (download)

When thinking about games for Android girls and applications for women that should not be missing on our smartphone, we believe that one for body care and training should be mandatory. Although it is true that the options are variable, Exercises for Women It has more than 200 explanatory videos about each of the movements that we must perform to improve our muscles and appearance.

Street Fashion Women 2015 (download)

While it is real that Street Fashion Women 2015 It has the name of an application that has been developed a few months ago, we cannot help but consider that today it is equally current and functional. Within this platform you will find a huge amount of information about trends and tips that will allow you to always be in fashion, and change your style whenever you want.

Hairstyles for Women (download)

If you liked the previous applications for women and games for girls and adolescents, you have to know that to complement them, we can add a last one, destined to define a specific style for our hair. It is neither more nor less than Hairstyles for Women, about which we can point out that it offers many current and vintage options in hairstyles, for all tastes and styles.

Menstrual period calendar (download)

If we think about apps and games for teenagers, we will find that Menstrual period calendar It is one of the best alternatives for monitoring the menstrual cycles of young adults. All the information about the menstrual cycle, ovulation days, and the answer to the most traditional queries that may arise, we will find within this application.

Diet for Women (download)

Many women like to take care of their physique not only by training, but also by betting on a healthy diet that allows them to stay comfortable with themselves, and for this, Diet for Women is essential. It is an application that offers all kinds of diets according to the objectives we are looking for, so that you know a new way of eating, in which you will take care of yourself without starving.