Android games The best games for Motorola You can’t miss it on your mobile! Motorola is one of the big companies that has very good …

Motorola is one of the big companies that has very good smart devices, what’s more, they were the first to launch the first waterproof mobile so imagine it has good phones. The good thing is that with most of them you can play the most demanding games, this is one of the many features that makes Motorola stand out. So if you are one of those people who has to be playing all the time then I will tell you what they are. the best games for your Motorola.


Galactic Rage

It’s time for you to travel to the darkest places in space to face off against the darkest creatures you could have ever imagined existed. Even though only It has 10 levels, they are not easy to overcome and it may take you longer than you expected. You will be able to equip your ship with the best weapons which are the ones you will use to destroy the most dangerous enemies from outer space. Downloading it is very simple, you just have to go to this link and that’s it.

King of kings

This game is set in medieval times, it has one of the best combat systems which is unique. Thanks to this strategy game you can spend hours full of fun since it will not be easy to build a good army of soldiers with which you will have to destroy all the enemy kingdoms, the best of all is that you will not only be able to control soldiers but also dragons.

MARVEL: Battle of Superheroes

Now the great world of MARVEL is at your fingertips, this great game will allow you to fight with your favorite heroes such as Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and many others. Although I think the best thing about this game is that Besides having the option of being a superhero you can choose to be one of the most fearful villains in the world as is Vemon or Magneto. Don’t waste any more time, go to the following link and download the app to your mobile.

War dragons

War Dragons is a strategy game that, like King of Kings It is set in medieval times. After so long, humans could tame dragons, becoming the most powerful weapon of that time. Your duty is to protect the kingdom from your enemies so it will be necessary to build the strongest fortresses so that they protect you from the attacks of the dragons although if you want you can form an alliance with another kingdom. There are many things you can do in this great world so to download it just go to this link, don’t miss it for anything.

Sniper Assassin Ultimate 2017

A nation is going to need your services, it needs a hero with the best aim in the world and obviously that’s you. So you have to put your skills as a sniper to the test, you can have a moment where you practice but remember that this time the security of the nation is in danger therefore you have to aim well and eliminate all threats found in the country. Fallara is not an option so pay close attention and don’t be distracted by anything. Do you want to have it already on your mobile? All you have to do is go to the following link and click download, simple and fast.