Android Games The Best Games for Nokia Almost since the beginning of mobile telephony, devices have …

Android Games The Best Games for Nokia Almost since the beginning of mobile telephony, devices have …

Almost since the beginnings of mobile telephony, devices have incorporated some game to kill time. With the arrival of smartphones, mobile phones no longer have installed games, but in the application stores we can find a large number of them at our disposal. Let’s go over some of best games for Nokia.

Play anywhere or anytime

Waiting for the bus or making time while that person we are meeting with can sometimes get too boring. However, if we have a phone in our pocket we can kill time with a game.

App stores are full of games of all styles and for all tastes. There are arcade, action, puzzle games, etc. But the common goal of all of them is to make us have a pleasant time.

In the Google Play Store and the App Store There are hundreds of thousands of games, the vast majority of them are free to download, but the Microsoft Store is no exception. The official application store for mobiles with operating system Windows Phone has a wide variety of games of all styles.

Best games for Nokia

Angry Birds Go!

These funny birds that are always very angry with their enemies, the pigs, are still very topical and games about them do not stop coming out, they have even made the leap to the big screen and have already starred in their first film.

This time the birds join the exciting world of racing, with a style very similar to the mythical Mario Kart, using special powers that will allow us to gain positions in the race.

Download Angry Birds Go for Nokia

Best games for Nokia

Nightmares from the deep: the cursed heart

A young woman has been kidnapped by the ghost of a pirate in order to use her body to revive her beloved. The young woman’s mother will be in charge of rescuing her, for this she will have to use all her knowledge to solve the hundreds of puzzles that will give you the key to rescue your daughter and learn the true story of the pirate.

Download Nightmares from the deep: the cursed heart for Nokia

Pac man hd

Few games can boast of being as mythical as Pac Man. This time the Pacman returns with his most traditional style although with more elaborate graphics. What does not change is the purpose, you have to eat all the yellow balls and avoid the ghosts to advance to the next level.

Download Pac Man HD for Nokia

Zuma’s Revenge

If you like working under pressure, Zuma’s Revenge is your game. Destroy all the colored balls before they reach their destination if you want to pass the level.

Download Zuma’s Revenge for Nokia

Best games for Nokia

Minion Rush

The funny fictional characters return to the fray in a new adventure. Our objective is guide our minion and overcome all obstacles that appear on your way.

Download Minion Rush for Nokia

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